A Sleek New Look Strategy

City of Naga ,The Sleek- New-Look-Strategy


By Marilyn Ouano Gilsing 


Honorable mayor, Valdemar Chiong, I know for a fact what is truly important for you, your willingness to pursue and accomplish, all your plans for our city, towards a promising future ahead. Your vision for enhancing our City Of Naga onto the map as a bigger, greater and a much better place to live, for the benefit of the residents are remarkable. 


Now, that we are a city, your working harder than ever and your committed to your endeavors, by doing the best you could relentlessly for the people and for our city. Your aim and goals is to lead our City of Naga as one of the most progressive cities of Cebu. Strategies for up-coming projects, to be implemented, take time (whether small or big scale) and funding is the biggest issue offhand. Giving the City of Naga, a Sleek New- Look (short and long term plans) these upcoming projects are tremendously challenging and exhausting on your part. You compromise your time, regarding serious matters concerning our city and residents with these efforts, guarantee, you will excel. 


Your day-to-day routines of appointments and commitments in the office is a huge task. As a dedicated mayor, to navigate our city, this long list of criteria can be stressful at times and mind battling, as to which projects you have to meet and comply first to keep our city moving into a higher level of potentials. However, with your skills, willingness and determination, I am confident you will succeed and persevere. Your motives and intentions are for the people and for our City of Naga. You are a person with excellence and integrity and it shows for The Quality of Work you do and the proof or evidence of what you have done, so far, are there for the residents to see and enjoy no one can deny, your accomplishments. The tremendous work you represented and render to the public (people) are excellent and holds a positive impact in their lives, it is admirable and has to be commended. 


Your unique ability and enthusiasm, your excellence and integrity are the foundation that residents of our City of Naga depend on. As a committed mayor, you are a person who goes the extra mile, stretching far to go even further. Eventually, in the long run, you will come out fulfilled and victorious. God is on your side, victory and success is in store for you. 



©Marilyn Ouano Gilsing (naga-cebu.com)

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